Ashpalt Production Plants

Ashpalt Production Plants

To enlarge VEGA Company’s activity and products with the aim to offer to itself and to its clients a guaranteed product with high quality, VEGA Company invested in a mobile Asphalt plant with a big capacity, buying and completing it with the last innovative electronic control system.

Type of mobile asphalt plant: ERMONT PLANT

Maximum capacity: 160 T/H

Time of dismantling and assembling on site: 14 DAYS

Electricity consumption: 250-300 KW/H

Location: TEPELENE

This plant works with continuous working process and has a 50m3 waiting deposit with heating system for the final product.

To prevent environmental contamination that comes as result of the working process for this type of product, this mobile asphalt plant is equipped with 450 filters to have 0% impact in the area where is located.